Production is the heart of Packaging Imolese. We operate in the field of third party production, specializing in detergent products for home and personal care and cosmetics for medical and surgical purposes. Working side by side with the largest multinationals and with the Italian large-scale retail channel, everyday we demonstrate that our goal is to support our customers in the most essential parts of business, which includes R&D, mixing and filling, and up packaging of the finished product.


Our core technology is based on mixing and filling. Currently our technologies enable us to produce single-dose liquids in water-soluble film, air fresheners, drawer fresheners, closet fresheners, vacuum cleaner fresheners, solid and liquid toilet bowl freshener, a full line of dishwasher products, moisture absorber in granules and, in the PMC field, insect bait.With 15-20 shift per week, Pimo distributes its activities on its lines for:
  • Detergents
  • Cosmetics
  • Mixed detergent-cosmetic
  • Personal Care
  • "Medical-Surgical Care"
  • Packaging


Thanks to a precise business model, centering around semi-automated production lines and highly qualified personnel, Packaging Imolese allows its customers to offer the consumer a complete range of promotional formats such as copacking, installation of display cases. mixed cases or production of unconventional packaging..


Our R&D develops the best solutions possible, working in close contact with all internal departments in order to guarantee customer satisfaction. Day after day, our eforts aim to transform ideas and requests into feasible industrial products and processes , always placing customers' and consumers' needs in pole position while maintaining the highest standards of QA.

Our modern research center is fully equipped and allows us to perform all of the research and tests required for the development of new products.

Certified raw materials
Control for approval of product production
Control and analysis on semi-processed and finished products
Microbiological analysis and bacteria check
Internal development of new product formulations


With a warehousing capacity of over six-thousand square meters and approximately eight-thousand pallets of raw materials and finished products, where articles are coded and warehoused, we are able to offer full service to our customers. Our goal is to guarantee the best performance in terms of speed and flexibility, adopting just in time processes to save precious time.